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The Rapid Way

Rapid International provides community members with the equipment, and skills needed to better safeguard and enforce their neighborhood’s regulations, community guidelines, and or governing laws. With on- going training, provided vehicles, uniforms and equipment, community members have a strategic advantage in mitigating unwanted activity within their community. On-going communication with local law enforcement strengthens our relationships between communities and its enforcement agencies and law makers. Beyond this, our communities thrive when we are safe and looking out for each other. Protecting our homes, our children, and our neighbors equally, is the core of our foundation.

Staying safe in severe weather, flooding, flash floods.

Staying Safe in Severe Weather

Staying safe in your home, neighborhood, and HOA during severe weather and flooding. Generally, meteorologists define “severe weather” as weather that threatens life or property or requires authorities to intervene for public safety. Staying safe in your home during any severe weather event… Read More »Staying Safe in Severe Weather

Homeowners Associations and Security

HOAs and Security

How your homeowners association, community, and home security are connected. Living in a homeowners association (HOA) community, there is an expectation of an additional line of defense. This could be a gate or gatehouse, gated access, guards on patrol, fences… Read More »HOAs and Security

New Year Home Security Checklist

New Year Home Security

Home Security Checklist for the New Year Happy 2024! January is a great time to re-check and inspect your home to start the year safely and securely. Inside and outside, take some preventative measures this new year. Follow our checklist… Read More »New Year Home Security

Home Security for House Sitters. Image shows a house sitter playing with 2 dogs in a backyard.

House Sitter Security

Home Security and House Sitters Taking an end-of-summer vacation? Or maybe you’re moving your college freshman into the dorms. There are a lot of home security considerations when leaving your home, and maybe beloved furry family members, while you take… Read More »House Sitter Security

Severe Weather Prep

More and more, Mother Nature and weather patterns we’re used to have changed. Weather and natural disasters seem more common and more extreme.

Home Security Neighborhood Safety

Stay Safe: Home Security

Simple ways to increase your safety at home. Home security is something that is worth revisiting from time to time. Whether you do a formal assessment, it’s a good idea to double check your efforts, decide if you need to… Read More »Stay Safe: Home Security

Summer Heat and Pool Safety - Drowning Prevention

Pool Safety

Summer Heat and Pool Safety All over the country, this summer is showing up with some extreme weather. Parts of the country is seeing high heat while others are experiencing flooding. And summer has only begun. Heat waves reaching record-setting… Read More »Pool Safety

Extreme Heat Safety

Extreme Heat Safety

Tips for Staying Safe in Extreme Heat Extreme heat and heat waves occur more frequently, last longer, and are more severe than ever before. When there is a heat wave that happens over several days and is much hotter than… Read More »Extreme Heat Safety